We’re thrilled to announce our £1 million research project

We’re incredibly pleased to announce that we’ve gifted the £1 million Tom Prince Cancer Trust fund to University College London!


The gift has been used to establish the first UK-wide Osteosarcoma research project with the aim of improving the survival of patients.


The Tom Prince Osteosarcoma Research Project will push the boundaries of our understanding of this rare cancer, working to make discoveries that will change the lives of those diagnosed with the disease.


Our gift is the largest donation to Osteosarcoma research in the UK!


A massive thank you and well done to every single person who supported the Trust and got us to this point!


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L-R: Professor Michael Arthur, President and Provost of UCL, and Adele and Clinton Prince, Founders and Trustees of the Tom Prince Cancer Trust



Welcome to the Tom Prince Cancer Trust website
Thank you for your interest in our charity!


Our Portsmouth based charity was established in 2004 in the memory of 15 year old Tom Prince. The aim of the trust is to raise funds for research into the child and teenage bone cancer Osteosarcoma. This family run charity has received great support from friends and the local community. We are continuously fundraising at a local level but also need to expand to a wider audience to increase awareness and support for this rare cancer.


We are so incredibly pleased to say that we reached our fundraising target of £1million in 2016! We may have achieved our target but we are continuing to fundraise as the people of Portsmouth continue to support us, and because we feel so passionately about the cause and want to help other families. We are also currently researching the best option for where and how to donate the money - with some exciting options in front of us!


We hope that by visiting this site and seeing what we are all about, you are inspired to get involved! Thank you.

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Join us on Friday 4th May and go blue!Blue Day 2018 poster


This will be the final Blue Day run by the Tom Prince Cancer Trust so please get involved!


Like the previous 11 Blue Days, we want schools and businesses around the city to grab their blue clothes, wigs and facepaint and fundraise for us!


Blue Day's played a massive part in us reaching our £1M target and we want to hold one more now that we've allocated the funds! The money raised will go straight to the Tom Prince Osteosarcoma Research Project.


Click here for more information on last year's Blue Day and what it's all about.


Register and get involved

Click here and register to take part in Blue Day!


Support Blue Day with a text donation

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